In the future, there are no Dragons. During the Midsummer celebration, Pohevol informs the assembled tribes of what he has seen. The Dragons of Durga, stunned with disbelief, must travel the Earth—to Iceloch, Jha’mah, and the Sands of Ochre—to convince their kin to go into hiding.

Zor, Caduceus, and Ius lead a multifarious group—a green horned spider, a rat bent on unpredictability, a winged cat, and Lily, a shape-shifting human girl—on an unforgettable quest. They must bind the world’s Dragon tribes in a pact of understanding.

They must create a future where Dragons exist.

Simone L. Spearman

Simone Spearman has taught English in public high schools in Northern California for over 20 years. Named the 2011 State High School Educator of the Year by the California League of High Schools, she is committed to public education. She lives in Guerneville, California.


Press and appearances

Santa Rosa teacher’s new book encourages students to follow their ‘bliss’
by Eloísa Ruano González, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, October 2, 2017

Santa Rosa French-American Charter School (Santa Rosa, CA) April 2019



Sonoma County Library (Guerneville, CA) January 2019



Goddess Crafts Faire (Sebastopol, CA) December 2017



Simone reads from Chapter 9, The Burial Waters, to an audience at Piner High School in Santa Rosa, CA.

Simone reads to an audience at the Sonoma County Library in Guerneville, CA.